Quorum Resources plus Peak System Performance equals Greymine

Experience makes a difference.
Quorum Resources and Peak System Performance have combined to create Greymine.  Bringing together the team of Gary Patterson, Michael Brock and Doug Mewmaw, Greymine provides a one-stop shop for cross-platform infrastructure services, application development, data conversion and transformation, legacy system modernization, and performance needs.
With a strong focus on IBM i / iSeries and AS/400, Greymine also supports Windows, AIX, Linux, Android, Apple, and Cisco platforms.  Greymine provides fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Greymine provides 24x7x365 monitoring, system administration, support, and more.   Gary, Michael, Doug with the help of their team, work around the clock and around the world to solve problems and keep systems running at peak efficiency.
Greymine offers an extensive list of services, including performance troubleshooting, capacity planning, application development services, IT education services, continuous monitoring solutions, system operations and administration, pre-cloud consulting services, security services, and much more.
 For more information, please visit www.greymine.com