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We provide fast, cost-effective IT solutions for all platforms . We offer an extensive list of services, including performance troubleshooting, capacity planning, application development services, continuous monitoring solutions, system operations and administration, pre-cloud consulting services, performance education, security services, and much more.

Our Services

Infrastructure Services

Managing your IT enterprise is complex in today’s virtualized IT world.

Your mission-critical systems need to be up 24/7. Are you fighting fires everyday? Are you experiencing performance issues? Do you feel overwhelmed need additional resources ?

You have come to the right place.

Education Services

Our robust curriculum teaches the methodologies to effectively manage your IT enterprise.

We offer onsite as well as remote classes. We have dedicated training sessions but will create customized education based on your needs.


Technology Accessibility Consulting Services (TACS)

Greymine offers accessibility consulting services. Our TACS team helps our clients ensure web site and software compliance with regulations and standards supporting disabled users.

Development Services

Design without the sales pitch.

We help select the best platforms, tools, and technologies for building or enhancing performance-critical applications. We are objective. We are committed to help our clients.

Performance Analysis Services

We focus on performance so you can focus on growing your business.

We create peace of mind by providing performance expertise to customers who don’t have either the time or the resources to manage their mission critical systems and applications.

Infrastructure Services

Our Services

Greymine provides a comprehensive array of system, services on a variety of platforms. We specialize in performance troubleshooting and optimization of complex cross-platform systems.

Unlike your hardware and software vendors, our team doesn’t need to “point fingers”, or stop at the edge of a particular system.

We don’t push our team to “close tickets” before the problem is really solved. We bring a dedicated team together who work together to solve complex cross-platform problems – and most of our experts have multi-platform technical skill.

Key questions to answer:

Do you seem to be fighting fires everyday?
Are you experiencing performance issues?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you need additional resources ?

If this sounds like your environment, you have come to the right place!
At Greymine, we have over 100 years of IT experience.

Everyday we give CIO's peace of mind.

Our infrastructure services include:

System Operations
System Administration
Security Services
System hosting (On premise and in the cloud)
Backup services
Performance Message monitoring
Disaster planning
Back Up Services
Hosting Services

Development Services

Our Services

Our robust development services include:

• IBM i, iSeries, AS/400, S/38, S/36
• Application modernization
• AIX, PASE, QShell
• Green-screen, WebFacing, Client-server
• Web services • Mobile applications
• OPM, ILE, and Java
• RPG II, III, IV, and free-form RPG
• RPG Open Access
• WebSphere
• Application and database porting
• Globalization, localization, and translation

Performance Analysis Services

Our Services


Performance Management is complex in today’s virtualized IT world. Your mission-critical systems need to be up 24/7.

Whether you are a system administrator in the trenches, a business partner helping your customers, or a managed service provider (MSP) managing performance for tenants that just moved to the cloud, we can help. Find out how our team at can ensure your IT enterprise systems and applications are consistently performing with A+ service levels and within industry best practice guidelines.

We ensure your systems reach their ultimate performance SLAs.

We provide affordable and professional performance reporting for organizations that need to know the performance big picture but simply don't have the time or resources.

Thinking about moving to the cloud? - We help customers and cloud providers! Because we are not dependent upon any third party performance management tool, we can analyze any platform and environment.

Services Include:
• Design and implement a customized real time performance monitor (Windows, AIX, Linux, and IBMi)
• Pre Cloud Consulting (Don't be that company that moves to the cloud only to have poor performance)
• Daily / Weekly / Monthly Enterprise Reporting and Analysis
• Performance / Problem Determination
•Application Performance Analysis
• Load testing
• Performance tuning
• Cross-platform application performance troubleshooting
• DB2 SQL performance optimization
• Capacity planning & System sizing
• RPG, COBOL, C, and Java performance optimization
• Journaling performance optimization
• WebSphere performance optimization
•Before vs. After Analysis
• Memory Analysis

Technology Accessibility Consulting Services (TACS)

Our Services

Standards & Compliancy Peace of Mind

Greymine offers accessibility consulting services. Our TACS team helps our clients ensure web site and software compliance with regulations and standards supporting disabled users - including the blind and visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired, mute and speech impaired, physically disabled, and cognitively impaired. If you’ve received a non-compliance letter, been sued due to non-compliance, are developing a new site or software produce with compliance exposure, or simply want to provide a better experience for disabled users, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

We help clients become compliant with - and maintain compliance with - accessibility laws, regulations, and standards such as:

• Web Content accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1),
• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. § 794d)
• EN 301549: European Accessibility Act (EAA) - European Standard for Digital Accessibility
• Israel Standard 5568 (IS 5568)
• Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Greymine also seeks to partner with non-profits serving disabled users to provide a portion of our services pro-bono to organizations in need. Initial consultation is free.

Contact us today!


Experience That Makes A Difference

It's embarrassing to be called an industry expert. On the other hand, its better than being called old. All joking aside, Gary, Michael, and Doug have worked with 200+ sites worldwide and have 100+ years combined experience.

Let's meet the team below:

Photo of Gary Patterson looking thoughtful
Gary Patterson

Gary brings over thirty years of hands-on Information Technology experience in multiple disciplines: Technical Architecture, Application Development, Project Management, System Operations, System Administration, IT Security, Disaster Recovery Planning, Application Testing, System and Application Performance, and Network Design.

Gary's focus is on large, complex cross-platform applications, typically with an IBM midrange component: (IBM i - iSeries - AS/400) connecting to other components (database, web service, application server, messaging, etc.) on Windows, AIX, Linux and IBM mainframe. Areas of expertise include:

IBM midrange application design, development, implementation, performance, and training utilizing CL, Java, ILE RPG, freeform RPG, RPV III, RPG II, REXX, node.js, php, and SQL.
Microsoft .NET application design, development, testing, implementation, and training. Microsoft network design, implementation, and support.

Cisco network design, implementation, and support: Cisco IOS, ASA, VPN, and VOIP.
System and network security; application vulnerability scanning; PCI; and HIPAA;.

Web site and application accessibility: WCAG

Michael Brock

Michael specializes in the modernization of applications (database, code, and UI) on IBM i on Power Systems, also known as System i, iSeries, or AS/400. Michael also has significant expertise in software optimization, database architecture and design, performance testing, performance troubleshooting, and process improvement. Technical skills, tools, and languages include a deep knowledge of IBM i performance tools such as the iDoctor suite (Job Watcher, PEX, etc), Collection Services, and DB2 SQL Performance Monitor, and fluency in most supported IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) languages, including all versions of RPG, COBOL, and DB2 SQL. Michael has specialized in IBM midrange systems since the introduction of the AS/400 in 1989. In early 2002, he participated in the launch iSeries and DB2 based web site. After a merger with Expedia and a few years in large corporate management as the Director of Application Engineering, he returned to the consulting world and his niche in IBM midrange application code modernization and optimization.

Doug Mewmaw

As a 30+ year veteran in the IT industry, I have always been passionate about both customer service and helping others. I have been to hundreds of sites worldwide, and it has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life to work with the talented and dedicated people in the IBMi community.

I started my company, Peak System Performance, because I recognized a void in the area of performance within the IT world. Our company was dedicated to all aspects of performance. We helped companies of all sizes ensure their mission critical systems were running with A+ service levels. I remain committed to this cause.

I am excited to be expanding the services Peak System Performance was able to offer by creating a new company, Greymine with Gary Patterson and Michael Brock. Together we are better, and together we can offer even more expert services in the IT community. My passion for and dedication to performance remains. I am thrilled to be part of this new company where performance remains one of our core values.

At Greymine, we will continue to focus on performance so you can focus on growing your business.

I look forward to working with you, and perhaps golfing with you!

Instructor-led classes: online or on-site

Learn stuff. Get elite. Dominate the world.

How To Get The Most Out of IBM's Navigator for i

Also known as Performance Data Investigator, PDI is a very robust performance management tool. Let our experts shorten your learning curve and help take your performance management skills to the next level.

Click to see class curriculum

How To Get The Most Out of Performance Navigator

Doug Mewmaw, former Director of Education at MPG and product developer, created a performance management class that not only teaches all facets of the product, but the robust curriculum teaches the methodologies to manage your mission critical systems.
Click to see class curriculum

How To Get The Most Out of IBM's iDoctor Suite of Performance Tools

iDoctor is a very cool product but for most of us, it can be a bit overwhelming. Let our experts shorten your learning curve and help take your detailed job analysis to the next level.

Click to see class curriculum

Customized On-Line Education / Webinars

It's not easy to travel - especially nowadays. The good news is we offer customized education and webinars based on your organization's needs.

Click to see how we can make a difference to your organization

Why our Education Program is Different

We've spoken to CIO's, managers, and the system administrators in the trenches. Their top complaints are always the same:

• The class cost per person is just too high.
• The class schedule is always in conflict with our company projects.
• I can’t afford for my staff to be away from the office.

At Greymine, we agree that structured education and training should be easy. Our award-winning instructors have not only created a world-class curriculum, but we’ve created an education program where one vice president said,

“This was the best IT investment I’ve ever made for my team.”

It was great feedback and proof we were doing things right.

Why are we different?

• We schedule classes based on your availability (First Come, First Serve).
• We travel to you (Temporarily suspended with Covid-19).
• No per person costs (We charge one price for as many people as you want to attend.)
• We create customized classes based on your needs.
• All classes can be attended remotely.


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